It’s like a cold late winter night. I stand on a grey street, it’s kind of dark around me, but there’s a street lamp in the distance. I start walking, with small, but constant steps. My heels make a sort of silent echo. It’s the only thing I hear except for my breath. I can see it turning into steam. I look ahead. The street lamp isn’t any closer. But there’s a man in front of me. His steps make no sound. The way he moves seems familiar. Except for the two of us, the street is empty. And the street light isn’t getting any closer. I think I know him. Should I walk faster and catch up..? But what if it’s someone else..? But.. what if it is him and I do nothing? Will I get to see him again? I start walking faster. Then I slow down to an even step and keep walking behind him. Perhaps he’ll slow down or look back and I’ll catch a glimpse of whatever there is to see. The street lamp isn’t any closer. But despite the distance from it and from the man, it feels safer than it did at first. Maybe it isn’t him.. but until I know that for a fact, I guess he’ll stay the way I think he is. Just stay on this street.