Put me in your suitcase, let me help you pack,
‘Cause you’re never coming back, no you’re never coming back.
Cook me in your breakfast and put me on your plate,
‘Cause you know I taste great, yeah you know I taste great.

At the hop it’s greaseball heaven,
With candypants and archie too..

Put me in your dry dream or put me in your wet,
If you haven’t yet, no, if you haven’t yet.
Light me with your candle and watch the flames grow high,
No, it doesn’t hurt to try, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Well I won’t stop all of my pretending that you’ll come home,
You’ll be coming home, someday soon.

Put me in your blue skies or put me in your gray,
There’s gotta be someway, there’s gotta be someway.
Put me in your tongue tie, make it hard to say
That you ain’t gonna stay, that you ain’t gonna stay.

Wrap me in your marrow, stuff me in your bones,
Sing a mending moan, a song to bring you home.

Am aflat de Devendra de la autorul blogului Ubiquus’ Hubris cu putin timp in urma si ii multumesc si aici.

Acum imi fac curat prin cateva directoare de muzica inainte sa le incarc in itunes pentru playlist-uri de drum si de mare. Si am ajuns la melodia asta. La care imi plac mai mult versurile decat cum suna, Devendra are si melodii care suna mult mai bine. But the lyrics are cute.