Am obosit. The waiting, the trying, the remembering, and all that. I’m exhausted. Acum ceva timp ziceam ca nu mai am destul suflet pentru a fi in stare de chestii de-astea. You know nothing, Jon Snow. Anyway, as somebody said, sufletul se creste, I’m actually happy I was able to do that. To no result, but at least I tried. Intr-o lumina de optimism extrem, searching is one step closer to finding. Si, intr-o lumina mai realista, I was simply unable to make somebody feel something for me.

Now there’s nothing left for me to do except pick myself up.. and just keep calm and carry on, I guess. The sad.. nah, that sounds weak and pathetic. The.. mean thing is that the green balloon is still on the nightstand, mocking me. I said I’d wait till it pops. I wanna pop it myself, but I can’t.

I won’t shut up about how I feel. Not here, anyway. It’s not my job to stay quiet.

*Antique Thought e un cache pe care inca nu l-am gasit. (Nici nu l-am cautat inca.) Cutia e pusa intr-un par. Trebuie sa torni apa in par pentru a aduce cutia sus, pentru a o putea lua. Dar parul are gauri la baza. If somebody doesn’t plug them, you’ll run out of water and achieve nothing but an empty bottle.