We take each person at a time and we try to treat everybody differently, because we believe that we’re individual beings, but overall we kind of have to treat everyone the same, because we believe in equalty. So you take two similar people. At first glance, they’re two peas in a pod. Then you start seeing the differences, despite them actually underlining the similarities.

And, at one point you decide one of them is not really worth your time. What do you do with the other, who considers himself no better than the first? I like believing in the best in people, and I sometimes try to bring that out, but I’ve also learned that if somebody claims to be an asshole, you should take their word for it and not try to prove them otherwise, because you’ll end up disappointed.

Hope for the best, expect the worst..? Tried it, got me all scared and paranoid, and overlooking the good stuff.

And then you decide to see what that other one can do as an individual. And that person lets you act however you want. And seems to like that. And you like yourself like that, you’re at peace with yourself. Because you haven’t been allowed to be like that during the past year and a half.