Acum vreo 2 (sau 3) saptamani am mers la Hornbach-ul din Berceni sa imi cumpar chestii pentru balcon (container gardening stuff). Dupa, am mers prin Grand Arena sa mananc (e un adevarat quest sa ajungi la ceva de mancare acolo) si dupa aceea, la plecare, am dat peste un aparat care imita La Bocca della Verità, avand insa scopul sa iti citeasca in palma si sa iti spuna chestii despre tine. Hihi, haha, hai sa vedem ce tampenii scoate despre mine.  The smug smile turned into an amused one afterwards:

  • Personal hygene and cleanliness are extremely important to you. ( Gabau, Moraresti: „Dar apa, Mirela, apa e curata? Apa nu o speli?!”)
  • You will have to face money troubles but you will be able to manage them. (E singura chestie despre viitor de pe foita, whatever.)
  • You don’t follow regular patterns especially where eating and sleeping are concerned. (Can’t argue with this one.)
  • You know how to be decisive and responsible in your actions. (Erm… uneori.)
  • You sometimes give in too easily to passionate advances or violence in sex. (Aici nu e treaba mea sa comentez. The definition of normal varies from one person to the next.)
  • You have considerable self confidence. (In ultima vreme, da.)

All in all, amusing.

In rest… mi-e dor de Roma. Si pe 23 iulie, in Roma, e concert Jack Johnson. Mai departe nu m-am interesat, dar imi surade ideea.