Stiu ca e ceva important atunci cand tac.

Atunci cand sunt intrebata de mai multe ori in aceeasi dimineata ce am, ce e cu mine si zambesc calma si raspund simplu nimic.

Cand imi pun castile in urechi pentru a nu mai auzi alte intrebari de evitat.

Cand sunt invitata sa imi deschid sufletul si raspund scurt ca nu pot.

Sorry, I’m a bit pissed, I’m a bit scared, I’m a bit sad, and a bit sick. Pissed at myself, at my own stupidity, at how true the do as I say, not as I preach might become in a bit, I’m scared of what might happen, I’m sad about the way I function and what I’d decide because of that, I’m sick because… well, maybe that’s just because it’s hot ouside.

Nu stiu. Si pana cand o sa stiu ce e cu mine the best thing to do is keep the gates closed. Because otherwise everybody would be panicking around me and it will eventually make me panic as well. Oricum, been there, done that, hopefully it will turn out the same way as last time.

In rest, all is well, life is wonderful. Am inceput sa ma ocup de plantele de pe balcon si mi-am cumparat o stropitoare optimista. Happy happy joy joy.