… am NOT about to have a nervous breakdown so I am kindly asking everybody to please stop tiptoeing around me. I am happy and even though I suspect some of you out there like me better when I’m sad and bitter, please let me enjoy my… joy and stop making me feel weird about just being happy. I don’t think it’s wrong that I’m not crying over my own decision. I think it’s healthy.

… am NOT obsessed with sex. I can have nice, pleasant conversations on random nothings just like everybody else. It’s just that some of you start conversations on sex, I just continue them, and many of you stay locked on that subject for… ever.

… like to think I’m the exception, but I’m sometimes being proved that I am the rule.

… am not a patient person. Life is too short to wait around so I take chances and some find me weird when I actually pursue something that I want. Well… tough.

… am open to try anything that can lead to me smiling or maintaining the smile I might already have on my face.

… am built out of contrasts. Hence my often and varied mood swings.

… can’t trust people easily. I might open up, I might tell one some random shit about me, even stuff most people don’t usually chit-chat about, but some stuff is made to be kept private or shared with just a few close friends.

… hate it when people presume I’m one way or another before they actually get to know me. It’s even worse when people who are somewhat close to you take a wild guess on you and how you are. (Da, Andrei, e vorba despre tine. Si aici am atins 2 Andrei dintr-un foc.)

… like people who read. Actually, people who read for the simple pleasure of reading something, not because when they’ll get to say „I’ve read this book”  they might get the impression that they’re more interesting (those who read only popular books or science books, in particular, and then brag about it). Same shit goes for music.

… like people who are passionate about something, even if that something is just living the moment to the fullest, no matter what they’re doing. Their eyes are brighter than those of others, their voices are alluring, and their ideas might be stupid if you take the time to think about them… but for a while, they’ll make you feel like impossible is nothing. Some find them crazy, I find them great and refreshing and I am happy to have friends like this.

… love to complain and rant about stuff.

… am not going to check my English for this post.